Higher who? Good point. Because to be honest: Many people have probably never heard about us in their lives. And we’re sure so do you – why else would you be reading this text right now. But however...

Who are we?

We are Christian Kluger and Peter Kerschner, a DJ duo from Vienna. We knew each other for many many years and always had our own little projects before starting to think about doing something together.

So it happened, that we started our journey in October 2018. Higher Nature was born.

Why do we do, what we do?

For a long time we visited drum & bass events, listened to tracks and showed our love by supporting artists. But at some point, we didn’t want to be just a passive part of the scene anymore. We wanted to become active and share our passion with you all. We wanted to produce mixes that suit your mood at any time. With brand new releases and all-time classics – basically, with music you love as much as we do.

And what about producing?

We are not producing our own music. At least for the moment, because who knows what time will bring? But right now, there already is so much magnificent drum & bass, which – in our opinion – should be heard, loved and lived more and more and more.

So, that’s who we are – we are Higher Nature. And we want to welcome you to our journey. Enjoy our mixes, enjoy this wonderful music, and show love as much as possible.